Architectural Vision with SOA and Portal

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Architectural Vision with SOA and Portal

Postby emence » Mon Mar 15, 2010 3:04 pm

Bring Customer Self Service to the user’s desktop with Service Oriented Architecture and Portal. By shifting the focus from isolated applications to composite applications, you can bring the user your current application's functionality as SOA services through a desktop portal. Users will have all the SOA services served through the a centralized portal allowing them to finish their daily tasks without having to visit each application independently.

Service Oriented Architecture(SOA)
• Expose the application code that is already available in many of your applications.
• As you expose more SOA services, it increases your reusable library of services that can be leveraged for all your future project needs.
• Use SOA to migrate your existing applications at your own pace to support your future direction towards portal and composite applications.

User focus with Composite Applications in Portal
• Customer self service focuses on the users daily tasks and lets users manage their business.
• Once your SOA architecture is ready, applications will be a thing of the past. Focus will shift from canned applications to composite applications.
• Focus on the users daily tasks and create composite applications that bring together SOA services through Portal to the users desktop.
• Users will be able to login in once and go anywhere within our portal user interface, simplifying their user experience.
• User requests for composite application enhancements would take less time to develop since it’s a focused SOA approach.

Development Team Organization to support SOA and Portal
• Create specialized teams to focus on specific application areas.
• Teams would have ownership of their application area.
• Each team would be able to handle multiple projects at one time since they are only focused on a subset of the overall architecture.
• Each team would be able to identify reusable components and enterprise architecture interfaces.
• Each team would be the owners of their own review processes.
• Teams would be broken up into:
  1. UI Development Team
  2. Business Core Development Team
  3. Data Development Team

This brief overview of the SOA and Portal architectural approach shows how your company can slowly migrate legacy applications without large, costly projects, to a cost effective, cutting edge technology solution.

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